Real-time I/O insights

atsu operational intelligence

atsu provides unparalleled visibility, historical understanding, and advanced prediction of enterprise NAS (NFS & SMB) I/O activity.

The atsu service starts with simple agents installed on Linux and/or Windows, which collect I/O and process data. Data is sent via Kafka where the atsu service collects, aggregates, and displays job, task, and process-level I/O performance data for the entire compute grid. As jobs and tasks run on the grid, atsu is continually scoring their activities, detecting which tasks are performing poorly or causing grid impact.

atsu architecture diagram
The atsu service running in your HPC NAS environment.

Complete I/O visibility

After deploying the atsu agents in your HPC environment, you’ll have real-time visibility into all application I/O, regardless of backend storage environment. atsu is the ML-powered solution for scaling challenges in your HPC and NAS environments.

Hot jobs

Which jobs hammer home directories?

Grid composition

Investigate the composition of the grid by a chosen impact metric.

Hot files

Answer the age-old question: "Which one is THE hottest file?"

Detailed understanding and comparison

Easily compare I/O usage and characteristics between different Jobs (applications running across multiple hosts).

Group correlation

Group ongoing jobs at will to see how they impact the grid. Perform what-if scenarios.

Job comparison

Compare jobs and their resource needs.


Use Kibana filters and dig deeper.

Predictive analytics

What will impact your file systems? Understand which jobs are overwhelming which mounts, before it happens.

Job anomaly

Detect and identify rogue jobs, pinpointing the specific issues at fault.

Mount anomaly

Identify which mounts are being hammered, before they get overwhelmed.

Chatops interaction

Interact with atsu directly: Ask specific questions, provide feedback, advise our ML.

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