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video iconatsu empowers M&E customers to reduce pipeline interruptions, increase throughput, and easily scale their large-scale production environments.

User stories

In the M&E modern digital factory, there are four distinct atsu users. We understand your plight and can help eliminate the pain.

Arthur the artist

Arthur is an amazing animator. When inspiration strikes, he is in flow. But when the system comes to a jarring halt, it's out of his hands. Will it be hours or minutes before system speeds recover?

atsu keeps systems running smoothly so artists can create.

Talin the dev ops

Let Talin focus on proactive improvements to the farm. He knows there is a latency problem, and he knows how to fix it. So why is a dashboard his best tool for finding it?

atsu finds anomalies and recommends actions for resolution.

Suki the sw engineer

Suki's software tools make things better. Why is she chasing down reported I/O inefficiencies with tools like strace?

atsu machine learning finds and helps eliminate inefficiencies, optimizing your enterprise infrastructure.

Ursula the technical director

Ursula is intense when it comes to her team getting productive use out of the farm. She knows she needs something more powerful than her best spreadsheet.

atsu enables farm supervisors to proactively manage the render queue.

It’s time to focus on your business

Your talented humans are great at creating award-winning content. Don’t bog them down with troubleshooting infrastructure. Machines are better at recognizing patterns, finding anomalies, and using historic data to build future efficiencies. atsu empowers its M&E customers to focus on revenue-generating activities by training machines to do the mundane.

Detect, understand, and eliminate production challenges

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