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finance iconatsu empowers FinTech customers to reduce pipeline interruptions, increase throughput, and dynamically allocate their large-scale production environments.

User stories

In the FinTech modern digital factory, there are four distinct atsu users. We understand your plight and can help minimize the pain.

Arthur the quantitative modeler

For Arthur, seconds mean the difference between profit and loss. Why can’t he go faster?

atsu auto-determines resource requirements for modeling, letting you allocate them where they’re most needed.

Talin the systems engineer

Talin’s resources are tight and should be issued to the best producers, fast! How can he be sure the heavy users are also the moneymakers?

With atsu, chargebacks and resource allocation are a breeze!

Suki the software developer

Suki's tools help her firm speed up trading. They work great on her machine, so she wants to roll them out into production. Wait, why doesn’t it work with NFS?

atsu compares I/O strategies on both host and farm.

Ursula the platform manager

Ursula's job is to ensure access to market is never interrupted. Why do bottlenecks show up minutes before the closing bell?

atsu enables platform managers to proactively and dynamically manage infrastrucutre allocation.

It’s time to focus on your business

Your talented humans are great at understanding the market. Why bog them down with troubleshooting infrastructure? Machines are better at recognizing patterns, finding anomalies, and using historic data to build future efficiencies. atsu empowers its FinTech customers to focus on revenue-generating activities by training machines to do the mundane.

Detect, understand, and eliminate production challenges

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